Pivotal // London College of Fashion, Master of Womenswear Design

Pivotal, recognizes the unintentional geographic footprint of North American circular irrigation and the analysis of agricultural behavior. Using satellite images, we can see the farmers thought process unfold on the landscape through soil manipulation. This collection is an observation of the land and the people who tend to it. By analyzing the earth from a satellite perspective we have a god-like view of human impact. This is a single theme present in the scientific research of the Anthropocene ecological era. This observation is not to criticize the farmer but to recognize the stunning yet melancholy attributes of human presence on this earth. Rural areas are often overlooked and in the grand scheme city folk do not care where their food comes from unless the shop shelves are bare. The rural landscape is full of inspiration and at times melancholic beauty. In our current Anthropocene era humans are the main shaping factor of the earths landscape.