Having grown up in the small fishing and farming community of Port Dover in Southern Ontario, Norfolk is a meticulously-curated collection that hearkens to those roots. As a child growing up by a cow field and forest, it was often a fantasy to scavenge and thrive among the wilderness as a feral child. As I revisited this childhood tale I found myself captivated by its honesty and beauty. Thus, “Norfolk” was brought to life. I was able to explore diaries from my past and relive memories I hold dear to my heart. My mind began to dance with emotion, and forms of representation.
   Through the use of print ant surface design I was able to harness the texture of the forest. I created a gold foiling technique that captures the aesthetic and orientation of glamorous soil.  The raw edges and frayed chiffon convey a stunning visual of a rugged reality. Luxurious alpaca fur and sheer mesh reveal a natural nakedness- as micro suede mimics the hand feel of soft green moss.  Throughout the collection I experimented with conceptual necklines to convey a visual of being hidden, peering on prey. Exaggerated, oversize and dome-like silhouettes nod to the idea of mobile shelter.  All buttons used in the collection were handmade from cross sections of tree branches with bark still intact for added authenticity.  This collection was truly my heart song of my inner feral child.  


© 2018, Moskal